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When detectives have exhausted every lead in their arsenal of tools, they turn to the only people who can help solve the crime.

Seasoned Detectives Oliver Rousseau and Jack Deveraux of the New Orleans PD are stumped when a sophisticated killer evades suspicion as police quickly run out of leads on the murder of a prominent doctor's wife.

When Jennifer Dolan, an employee at the Criminal Courthouse, fails to show up for work police are dispatched to her residence, just houses from the murdered doctor's wife to discover she has been killed with the same M.O. - a single gunshot to the head.

With the clock ticking on the second murder, Oliver resorts to unorthodox methods and enlists the aid of his beautiful wife Marin, and her twin sister Megan - who hold the clues and a carefully guarded secret of the affluent Carrington women - their psychic ability that allows them to see the calculated murder of Jennifer Dolan and identify her killer.

Oliver knows only hard evidence will lead to an arrest so it's up to him to convince Jack and a small task force to focus the investigation on an unlikely killer without telling them where he gets his information, in order to protect his wife's secret. But, when the suspect terrorizes Oliver's family and one of them is shot, the case explodes as Oliver and Jack go on the hunt for a sniper - TRAINED TO KILL.

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