A Detective Oliver Rousseau Novel

#2 in the series





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A parent's nightmare - their daughter away at college in a safe environment becomes the target of a sadistic killer - who has killed before and gotten away with it. 

A year ago, The Campus Killer horrified residents of New Orleans when for three straight weeks a coed went missing from Tulane University, only to be discovered days later brutally murdered; their mutilated bodies left in public places. In all three cases, the girls had been raped and a knife had been used. The viciousness of the murders sent shock waves throughout the city, and stunned the most seasoned detectives as they moved quickly to apprehend the suspect. Then the killings stopped and the N.O.P.D. never caught the person responsible. Now the killer is back, targeting unsuspecting coeds and he's taken another girl, sending a clear message to police - Every three days another one dies!

With no crime scene and no evidence pointing to an offender, the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation
is brought in and teamed up with the newly-formed Major Crimes Division, and the search becomes
a manhunt to catch The Campus Killer before he claims another young victim. But the L.B.I. wastes
no time zeroing in on the killer and he's not your average psychopath. Once again, Detective
Oliver Rousseau must turn to the one person who can help solve the crime - his wife, Marin.

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